Bachelorette Bach Decor – Day 1 of our Asheville Getaway

Earlier this month we celebrated my best friend Diana’s bachelorette weekend in Asheville, NC.  I spent so much time planning and crafting over the past 9 or so months that now it feels like I have nothing to do!  So, better time than never to write about the amazing adventure.  We crammed a lot into three days so I’ll break the posts up to prevent bachelorette overload!

As a small airport, flying into Asheville can be pretty pricey for girls flying in from out of town so we decided to road trip it out to the mountains.  With an SUV packed to the brim, we made sure to save room for the most important girls’ getaway essential, the selfie stick. car selfie

We hit the road and headed for the windy, and the rainy, and the scary, Blue Ridge Mountains. Upon nearly driving off a cliff (try backing up an SUV that’s not yours, on an essentially one-way mountain road, during a torrential downpour), we FINALLY made it to the cabin we rented on AirBnB. While some of the girls left to gather groceries for the weekend, my friend Steph and I got to work decorating.The fireplace was the perfect backdrop for the gals' gifts.

The place sure was rustic; everything you would expect a cabin in the woods to look like – minus the creepy aspect (though there were some parts…).  Yet, it had so much character.  There was a screened in porch, outside deck overlooking a breathtaking landscape, three bathrooms (a MUST for seven ladies) and more space than we could have imagined. The only thing we weren’t too crazy about was the “Welcome to our home; don’t leave food outside because of the bears” sign.  Luckily, there were no Yogi sightings.DSCN1010

Each of the girls (or “Mountain Maids”) got an absolutely adorable shirt for Saturday’s adventures, made by SassyCraftsKS on Etsy.  I’ll share those in the next post.  To keep with the southern theme (the bride is a New Yorker), I wrapped each one up in burlap and sealed it with custom bridesmaid pins we had designed from Etsy shop owner Lauren Lash, made to match the bride’s sash.  Diana had cups made for each one of us, too!  The fireplace (one of three, including the outside firepit) was the perfect backdrop for the goodies.


Catherine, the sister of the bride and co-MOH, made shirts for each bridesmaid with a number on the back.  While the random numbers kept us guessing for the weekend (she threw an odd DSCN1004
number in to throw everyone off), it all made sense on the last evening when we took a big ol’ group shot – it was the wedding date! Another fun element of the party was the “photo booth.”  We got some booth accessories, a white sheet and a disposable camera (this way no one could delete the pics!) and snapped away throughout the weekend. Those are probably just pictures that we’ll keep to ourselves; maybe a good way to calm the bride’s jitters on wedding dDSCN1006ay:)

Surviving a bachelorette, especially one in the mountains, can be tough so we had to be prepared.  Mountain survival gear bags were packed to make sure we had everything we needed: gum, breath freshener, Tylenol and hair ties; what more could we need?DSCN1007

There is no such thing as a party in the south without Mason jars.  With four of the seven girls flying in from New York and one from Colorado, we had to make sure they had this southern staple to bring back with them.  I brought along a glass juice dispenser purchased on the Today Show’s Steals & Deals for just $49 (65% off retail).  Although the chalkboard says, “Everything Tastes Sweeter in a Mason Jar,” our cups were filled with other delicious beverages throughout the weekend, such a homemade Sangria.

DSCN1008I’ve been stock-piling supplies for over a year now.  The wedding colors are purple and gray so anytime I saw something that was one of those colors and could come in handy (and was on sale), I picked it up.  This method really helps save on costs.  Instead of waiting until the last minute and being forced into buying the first thing you see because you’re low on time, do your research and take advantage of a deal when you see it.

I don’t think the decorations would of looked half as cute if it wasn’t for the country feel of the cabin itself.  Thankfully we were able to capture pictures of the set-up on the first day DSCN1015because with that many girls living in one place for a long weekend, things are bound to get a little messy! All the months of constant, meticulous planning (I’m sure Catherine was tired of seeing my number pop up on her phone 50x a day) finally paid off when our beautiful bride entered her decorated palace for the weekend with a huge smile on her face.


Won’t you stay with me: Step 2 in Bachelorette Bach Planning – Accommodations

Ok, so your bride has spun the globe and landed on the party destination of her choice.  Great! Now, where the heck are you going to stay?  The good news is there are tons of options out there that cater to any group size, budget and preference.  The challenge is sifting through those options, and their claims of being the best/offering guests the world, to make sure you find the right fit.

Is your bride someone who wants to be in a constant state of exploration, out & about with her favorite friends until the wee hours of the morning?

If so, take it to the hotel, motel…okay, you get it.  Hotels are the most optimal options for a group of gals that just need a place to crash at night.  With a big crowd though, there’s a need for multiple rooms and this could get pricey so before you book, do some research.

You can lock in some awesome deals by calling the hotel directly or checking out discount travel sites.  My favorites are Travel Zoo (great for full package options) or Priceline’s Express Deals.  With Express Deals, you won’t know the name of th2013-04-19 09.54.21e hotel you’ll be staying at until the purchase actually goes through but you can ensure the location will meet your standards through the star-rating selection.

For destination celebrations (think Aruba, Bahama, come on pretty mama, kinda places), a travel agent can also be a great resource.  Sure, there’ll be additional overhead for the service charge but instead of spending countless hours researching accommodation options and pricing, just think of the adventures and shenanigans you can come up with in your free time!  Plus, the agent may be able to work in some flight deals too.

Is your bride low-maintenance and more focused on spending QT time with her gals rather than gallivanting through town day & night?

A home rental may be your best route.  It offers a more relaxed, spacious environment to catch up (over wine, of course).

I’ll admit I was skeptical of Airbnb at first, but after spending a week in a San Francisco Row House (pictured) three years ago, I fell hard for the service.  This 2013-05-31 21.18.15modern, social approach to rentals is the perfect way to immerse yourself into the community culture.  From San Fran, Boston, New York, New Hampshire to Austin, I’ve never had a bad experience during an Airbnb stay.  A sound alternative to Airbnb is VRBO.

For my best friend Diana’s Asheville adventure, we locked in an incredible cabin.  Nestled smack-dab in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views and only minutes away from the one of the region’s claims to fame – breweries, on breweries on breweries.  Oh, and the best part?  We’re paying half of what we would have paid for two rooms at one of the area’s downtown hotels.  Renting also offers another opportunity to shave off the top of that extra spending – eating at home!  Full kitchen access means full bellies.  Instead of venturing out for every meal, make a plan for a homemade dinner at one night or brunch in the morning.  Just make sure you have someone in your party that knows have to cook!

All this advice aside, there’s one message that always rings true: it does not matter where you are, only who you’re with.

Pick a Spot on any Old Map: Step 1 in Planning the Best Bachelorette Bash

I’m a planner by profession.  My office walls are adorned with calendars four+ months out, I begin coordination of PR campaigns six months ahead of time and my vacation days for the entire year are often scheduled by January so my team can plan accordingly.  So when it comes time to plan for things on a personal front, you can imagine I go a little overboard.

My beautiful best friend is getting married in just four short months but before she can walk down that aisle, it’s my duty as co-MOH to give her a weekend she’ll always remember.  Thank goodness her sweet sister shares the role and has been the best partner in planning the upcoming shenanigans.

We started coming up with our game plan waaaay back in August, which probably sounds crazy considering the party is in June, but it takes time to get all the pieces in place for (what hopefully ends up being) the perfect bachelorette bash.  The first thing we needed to determine was where the celebration was gonna go down.

There are so many incredible spots for bachelorette parties, each one catering to a different type of bride.  With so many places to choose from, Catherine (co-MOH) and I came up with a plan to research various spots and put together mini agendas and budget estimates for each, letting our bride Diana make the final call.  We each picked and put together agendas for a total of seven locations (Asheville, NC; Cancun, Mexico; Key West, FL; Las Vegas, NV: Montreal, Canada; New Orleans, LA; Smith Mountain Lake, VA).  After delivering a multi-page guide to girls going wild across North America and presenting each option to our bride, she narrowed it down to two: Asheville and New Orleans.  From there, we put it out to the bridemaids for a vote and after each one was cast, Asheville became the last one standing.

While this may not seem like a traditional choice, there was not a single place on the list that would have been a better fit.  With endless choices of local brews, breathtaking mountain views and a food scene making national news, Asheville is a gem of a spot for brides before they say their “I do’s.”

I can’t wait to share details of the agenda for the weekend but for now, much of it’s still a secret!

Lessons from a Lap Dog

Our greatest influencers in life can take on many forms.  Perhaps it’s the teacher or coach who made an impact on you at a young age or a close friend who helped you milo and mefind the right path when it was so much easier to take the wrong.  Those are the expected, but as is often the case, sometimes it’s the unexpected that can have the most profound effect on who we are as individuals.  Observe your four-legged friend long enough and you can learn many of life’s important lessons.

  • Be fiercely loyal – Perhaps the strongest of all traits, our canine companions show us the value in providing unwavering support and dedication to those we care for most.
  • Love unconditionally – Along the same lines, if we only demonstrated a percentage of the admiration and affection our dogs display toward us, our love would deepen and our relationships would strengthen.
  • Protect what you love – My Wheaten Terrier is only 32 pounds but anytime a bigger, tougher breed (Pit Bulls, Dobermans, you name it we’ve been there) comes near, he’ll do all he can to defend me.  That’s the approach we need to take with all we hold dear; honor what/who you love and do whatever you must to always keep that person or thing safe.
  • Forgive and forget – We’ve all been there with our pups.  They do something wrong, run away and cower, only to greet you two minutes later as if the discrepancy never happened.  Just like our dogs, people make mistakes and we must find it in ourselves to let the negative feelings go.
  • Enjoy the simple things in life – To my dog, taking a walk is akin to waking up on Christmas morning.  It’s amazing how something so simple can mean so much and it’s a lesson we should take to heart.  Take time to notice the small things that make you smile and work them into your day whenever you get the chance.

Shop ‘til you don’t drop a lotta cash

All season long, retailers slash their prices until it seems like things just can’t get any better.  Then, the holiday shopping frenzy ceases and guess what?  That sweater you got the killer deal on just two weeks ago is now adorned with a clearance sticker boasting a fraction of the cost.

Welcome to the wonderful (and a times, woeful) winter deals. ‘Tis the season of deep discounts and semi-annual sales.  Stores are trying to rid themselves of cold-weather attire and remnants of jollier times to make room for shipments of all things bright, light and pastel.  But before you rush to treat yourself to the items Santa forgot to bring, keep these dos and don’ts in mind:

Don’t be fooled by the red sticker. Yes, it’s true that stores will do a complete overhaul of their merchandise post-holiday, but as the saying goes, the best things come to those who wait.  The deals will get better and better.  I’ve found the best time to buy winter apparel is mid-February; stores are so anxious to be out with the old and in with the new that they cut prices so steep it will make you sick that you even considered purchasing the same thing at full price just a few weeks ago.  The traditional big box retailers will offer discounts, on discounts, on discounts: 50% off then take an additional 50%!  The downside to holding off until February is that a lot of the good stuff goes early so if there’s something now that you must have, you may not want to wait around.

Do stock up on holiday décor.  When we close-in on the holiday, retailers begin to mark down the items that make our homes and spirits a bit more cheerful – lights, ornaments, stuffed snowmen and the works.  However, come Dec. 26, they turn into the Grinch and do whatever they can to push these items off the shelves.  While the pickens may be slim at this point, it’s still a great time to purchase holiday decorations now and put them away for next year.  Just yesterday, I picked up these adorable ornaments for 90% off at Walgreens; some for only 10 cents!

Don’t over indulge.  Trust me, I know how tempting it is to take advantage of good deals.  But keep in mind, just because you can…doesn’t mean you should.  If you’re planning to shop, go with an agenda.  Before you leave, take an (honest) inventory of what you do and don’t need and just like you do for groceries, make a list – it will keep you focused and more accountable.  This approach has helped me when I try to trick myself into believing I NEED to add another winter coat to the collection of 53 I already have (not to mention, I live in the South).
Do shop around.  You’re going to find some great deals this time of year at the big retailers but the question is, are they the best?  If you’ve got the time, shop around.  I’m a huge proponent of all things discount store: Ross, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx.  The reason why?  I’ve seen the big guys promote the same items for full MSRP that the discount stores have at a fraction of the cost more times than I can say.  Just this week, I came across this Jessica Simpson dress at Dillard’s for $70 (freshly marked down from $130).  The next day (yes, I went shopping at the same place two days in a row), when the store was touting a huge 50% discount on clearance, it was just $35!  That same dress?  I bought it at Ross for $19.99. The discount stores compete with one another as well.  I purchased a Christmas party dress for $29.99 at Ross and found the same exact one at T.J. Maxx for $39.99 (BTW, saw the SAME dress at Nordstrom for $158)!  This process may take a while, but I like to think about it as searching for gold.  When you find THAT deal, you’re golden!

And this, my friends, is why I will never give up shopping as a new year resolution.

Five ways to wind down before getting wound up


The dreaded transition from vacation mode to work mode is upon the many of us that were fortune

enough to have ample time off this holiday season.  For me, it’s not the piles of paper waiting on my desk that are most upsetting; it’s the fact that I’ll actually have to wake up before 9:00 a.m., won’t be able to consider my Christmas jammies as suitable workplace attire and will forgot all the valuable pop culture knowledge I’ve accumulated this week through endless movie & TV binges.  Yes, the shock of days gone lazy to days gone crazy will be difficult to manage but as the sun finally sets on another holiday season, I hope these tips will ease you back in and ensure the transition does not hit you like the frigid waters of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Visit your happy place – maybe for you, this means getting lost in a book, catching up on episodes of Friends you’ve already seen 20 times before or going beast mode at the gym.  Whatever it is for you, make it happen this weekend because before you know it, setting time aside for this activity won’t be so easy.

Take a walk, alone – One of the best things about the holiday season is the opportunity to visit with friends and family.  On the flip side of that coin, with all the activities and running around from here to there, it can be hard to find time for ourselves.  Schedule in a 30-minute walk over the weekend to regroup, relax and catch up with the one that knows you best – yourself.

Meal planning 101: Keep it simple, stupid – On the evening before you return to work, don’t stress yourself out about putting a complex meal on the table.  Check out Martha Stewart’s 15-minute mealsuggestions or turn to my new best friend, the Crockpot.  Gather your ingredients today, throw them in the pot tomorrow morning and wallah, you’ve got yourself a no stress, no mess meal!  All offers a full spread of simple and delicious slow cooker meals.

Pack & Plan – Over the weekend, collect and organize everything you’ll need to return to work so you don’t run around Monday morning frantically searching for a lost file or whatever it might be.  If you’re taking lunch to the office, get a head start by making and packing it Sunday evening.

The end of the holiday season often brings with it a feeling of sadness – it means 11 months void of jolly holiday music, the comforting glow of festive lights and party after party with those we cherish most.  The good news is, life goes on and new memories are ready for the making.  Instead of basking in sorrow over the year past, map out your plans for 2015!  Purchase a planner (TJMaxx has some absolutely adorable planners embellished with encouraging slogans) and jot down all of the exciting things you already have scheduled for the year (weddings, birthdays, trips, etc).  If you don’t have anything fun planned, then go ahead, pencil something in and stick with it.  It could be as simple and random as a Wednesday evening date night on April 15.

Unplug – This is perhaps the hardest thing to do but at the same time, it’s also the most important.  In the final hours before you fall asleep, only to be woken by the sounding alarm clock, take a break from the outside world – this means no reading your email (unless it’s an absolute must), no checking the latest Facebook statuses, no PJ, duckface snapchats – nothing.  I promise, you’ll be able to catch up on everything you missed Monday morning.

Start the new year refreshed, relaxed and ready to go!

No New You

I’ve never believed in the statement, “New year, new you.”  People become too fixated on ushering in the New Year with a reinvention of themselves; an effort that often plummets like the ball over Times Square.  I see the new year not as an opportunity to re-create one’s life, but rather to build upon their current strengths and take an honest assessment of their weaknesses to identify areas for improvement.  A “New year, better you” approach.
It’s hard to be honest with ourselves about the things in life we just don’t have a strong enough grasp on.  In a world of oversharing, our Facebook feeds are filled with the successes and achievements of others.  People are quick to post the moments they are proud of – from engagements, to pregnancies to promotions; providing a platform for us to share in the joys of our friends and family.  However, it’s not too often that we share the things we are not so proud of – losing a job, refusing to give money to a homeless person on the street or going into debt. But the fact is, we all have areas of weakness and the new year presents a fresh opportunity to evaluate where we go right and where we go wrong.  The positive changes we make now set the stage for a feeling of fulfillment on December 31, 2015.
As I look to the future, there are several areas of life I know I need to get in order but again, a flip of the calendar does not mean everything must change all at once. I’m proud of my achievements and the life I live but I also understand that making small improvements now will light the way for the road ahead.  These are the areas I choose to focus on for 2015:
  • Commit to fit – I know, I know.  Sounds like I’m contradicting myself – new year, new body! But that’s not what I’m going for here.  I exercise fairly regularly but feel no guilt if a skip a week (or month).  As a women in my (errr..late) twenties, 30 minutes of activity a day is necessary and it’s inexcusable to not make it happen.  It’s not about looking better, it’s about being better in the long-term.  What 30-minute exercise routines do you find effective?
  • Know what you’re putting in your mouth – Remember when you were a child and you’d put some foreign object in your mouth, only to be scolded by your parents?  As adults, we don’t have anyone looking after us to make sure we’re only putting healthy things into our bodies. There are so many studies emerging about the damaging effects of over-processed or hormone-injected foods and for me personally, it’s time to become educated on what should and shouldn’t be part of the meal plan.
  • Focus on finances – I’ll be the first to admit that I have a serious shopping problem.  While I never pay full retail, I fool myself into thinking that I save money through bargain shopping when in reality, I end up buying more than I would have at full price.  I was never good at math, so maybe that’s in part to blame, but I know that managing my finances is one area I must improve upon to safeguard my future.  This year, I am committed to understanding my finances, budgeting (ew) and investing in the opportunities that lie ahead.
  • Make time to make memories – It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to stop and smell the roses, as cliché as it sounds.  I am making it a point to set aside more time with those that I love and when possible, taking adventures with them because the sad truth is that one day, memories may be all we have left.
  • #PIFProject – Philanthropic stories are abound during the holidays; people are acutely aware of the season of giving.  But as the holidays pass, as do the frantic donations of time and money.  To pay it forward in 2015, I will hold myself accountable to complete a minimum of one charitable act a week. It bothers me to even write that I must set aside time to do this; it should be something we as humane individuals inherently do, but the truth of the matter is time and life get in the way.  Not this year.
What aspirations do you have to become a better you in 2015?

My Mom’s 45th Wedding Anniversary

This Saturday marks my parents’ 45th wedding anniversary.  As a child, I didn’t momanddadneed to try to connect a battery’s positive side to a negative to learn that opposites truly do attract.  It was clear early on that the unique, and far differentiating qualities each parent brought to this partnership were like diagonal spokes in a wheel that would keep a marriage spinning for a lifetime.

The older I get, the more I value the relationship my parents share.  Like lyrics to the Maroon 5 song, they’ve taught me that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise.  It’s knowing the mistakes you’ve made will never clout your partner’s true feelings toward you.  It’s about give and take; you’re not always going to approve of every move your partner makes but you must realize you’ll do things they’re not crazy about too.  At the end of the day, you’ve got to remember, you’re both taking you’re first and only shot at this life.  You’ve got to learn together and grow together and above all else, you’ve got to laugh together.

There’s something very special going on this week.  Do you know what it is?
Dad: Is it something on TV?  Me: No. Dad: One of those super moons again? Me: No. Dad: Oh! Of course! How could I forget? Gamecock football! Me: No.
Mom (looks at the calendar): Ohhh, I know! It’s the 23rd of August!
Me: Dad, you know what the 23rd of August is?
Dad: Yes, I think it’s someone’s anniversary.
Me: Whose anniversary is it?
Dad: Your mom’s.

What will you do for mom on your anniversary?
Dad: The 23rd is Saturday right?
Me: Yep, it is.
Dad: Perfect. Then I’ll watch football with her.  Maybe go out on a boat ride.
Me: But those are your favorite things to do, not hers.
Dad: It’s about time she learns to do the things I like.  I can even catch her a fish and cook it.
Me: She doesn’t eat fish.

What was the best surprise you’ve ever given her for your anniversary?
Dad: That’s easy; I bought her a boat.
Mom: Yeah, a boat that I didn’t want AND had to pay for! How’d I get so lucky?

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given him/her?
Mom: I always buy him his clothes because if I don’t, oh Heaven help us! He’d be a sight for sore eyes.
Dad: Another easy one.  Me.

What’s the sweetest thing he’s/she’s ever given you?
Mom: You and your brother.
Dad: Fudge.
Mom: That’s all you can think of?
Dad: What’s sweeter than fudge?

What’s the meanest thing she’s ever done to you?
Dad: Brought kids into the house.

What’s his/her best quality?
Mom: Well, he used to be nice.
Me: It’s not really a past tense question.
Mom: Sorry, it’s all I got.  As time runs on, his qualities run out.
Dad: How much time do I have to make up an answer?
Me: You don’t get to make up an answer.
Dad: Oh. Then I guess I’d say her voice.
Mom: Normally you say you don’t want to hear my voice so that’s really sweet.
Dad: Thanks.  Looks like I’m off the hook to say anything nice for a long time.

What advice would you have for a young couple on their wedding day?

Mom: Remember you are two separate people; but you are still one couple.  Each person should be able to do their own thing, yet come back together.  It’s not about doing everything together; it’s about enjoying the minutes you do spend together.  You should be independent but still be a couple. That’s the only way I’ve kept my sanity all these years because Lord knows I need a break from that man!
Dad: Don’t do it.

How He Met My Mother: Reflecting on 43 Years of Love, Life and Laughter

This week my parents will celebrate theimomdad2r 43rd wedding anniversary.  Anyone that has ever met them can tell you they’re the epitome of polar opposites, but somehow they’ve managed to make it work and build a life together.  My mother is a woman of many (many, many) words and although my father does not speak much, when he does, his statements are packed with wit and entertainment.  It’s no secret that marriage is challenging – so I thought I’d share my parents’ love story and relationship insight as an example to those seeking a lifetime of happiness:

Q: In one sentence, describe how you met.
A – Mom: He approached me and said, “Did you call me?”  I said, “No I didn’t call you and I would never call you.”  Then he proceeded to say, “Well I hear you’re a kindergarten teacher and I bet you need a lot of books for your classroom.  Just so happens that I work in the publishing industry and sell children’s books.”  I went to his apartment to look at the books and 8 months later we moved the books into our apartment.  (She can’t sum up anything in just one sentence.)
A – Dad: I worked in the publishing business, so I just went up and “booked” a date with her.

Q: What was your first impression of him/her?
A – Mom: Oh, he thought he was something else.  Cocky is the best word I can use to describe my first impression.  He had this fancy little pipe sticking out of his pocket and thought he was higher than mighty.
A – Dad: I have no idea. She was pretty, but she wasn’t very smart because she didn’t want to talk to me.

Q: How did you know he/she was the one you were going to marry?
A – Mom: I had no choice.  He scared everyone else I was dating away by threatening to throw them off the third story balcony of my apartment. (Then she launches into a 10-minute example of when this really did happen, ending with “I should have married that guy instead.”)
A – Dad: She told me I had to.

Q: What’s your sweetest, fondest memory of him/her? (Now for this one, I thought maybe, just maybe, they would finally show their romantic side and share a sentimental moment).
A – Mom: When he ran after the moped.  Me: Were you going too fast on the moped and he was running after it trying to rescue you?  Mom: Oh no.  He forgot to turn the moped off so it just kept going all on its own and he was running around in circles trying to catch it.  Then he ripped his pants!
A – Dad: Oh, the time I took a picture of Baby Carol because it reminded me of her.  Me: Who was Baby Carol?  Dad:  An elephant at a zoo in California. (At the time this picture was taken, my mom weighed a whopping 90 lbs.)

Q: OK – those responses weren’t exactly what I was looking for.  Maybe this question will help you show some emotion.  When do you love him/her the most?
A – Mom: Hmm. This question is really tough.  I’m not sure I have an answer to this question.  If I do, I’m going to need more time to think about it.  Can I make it up? (You have to make this up, mom?)
A – Dad: When she’s asleep and can’t talk.

Q:  What keeps you together after all these years?
A – Mom: He smiles that smile every day.  But then again, he doesn’t do much else after that.
A – Dad: That’s because I’m a survivalist, Carol.  I only need to do the bare minimum to survive.

Q: Reflecting on your 43 years together, what advice do you have for young couples who are just starting to embark on their journey together?
A – Mom: If he doesn’t help in the kitchen, then don’t marry him.
A – Dad: First of all, don’t have kids who will grow up to write stupid things about you on Facebook.  Secondly, in a marriage, a man must always remember to let his wife have the last words in an argument.  Let her say she’s sorry.

And there you have it – 43 years of pure wedding bliss, proving that marriage takes patience and compromise and that true love is not attainable without a sense of humor.