Pick a Spot on any Old Map: Step 1 in Planning the Best Bachelorette Bash

I’m a planner by profession.  My office walls are adorned with calendars four+ months out, I begin coordination of PR campaigns six months ahead of time and my vacation days for the entire year are often scheduled by January so my team can plan accordingly.  So when it comes time to plan for things on a personal front, you can imagine I go a little overboard.

My beautiful best friend is getting married in just four short months but before she can walk down that aisle, it’s my duty as co-MOH to give her a weekend she’ll always remember.  Thank goodness her sweet sister shares the role and has been the best partner in planning the upcoming shenanigans.

We started coming up with our game plan waaaay back in August, which probably sounds crazy considering the party is in June, but it takes time to get all the pieces in place for (what hopefully ends up being) the perfect bachelorette bash.  The first thing we needed to determine was where the celebration was gonna go down.

There are so many incredible spots for bachelorette parties, each one catering to a different type of bride.  With so many places to choose from, Catherine (co-MOH) and I came up with a plan to research various spots and put together mini agendas and budget estimates for each, letting our bride Diana make the final call.  We each picked and put together agendas for a total of seven locations (Asheville, NC; Cancun, Mexico; Key West, FL; Las Vegas, NV: Montreal, Canada; New Orleans, LA; Smith Mountain Lake, VA).  After delivering a multi-page guide to girls going wild across North America and presenting each option to our bride, she narrowed it down to two: Asheville and New Orleans.  From there, we put it out to the bridemaids for a vote and after each one was cast, Asheville became the last one standing.

While this may not seem like a traditional choice, there was not a single place on the list that would have been a better fit.  With endless choices of local brews, breathtaking mountain views and a food scene making national news, Asheville is a gem of a spot for brides before they say their “I do’s.”

I can’t wait to share details of the agenda for the weekend but for now, much of it’s still a secret!


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